Importing ova files into VirtualBox

A quick note for anyone out there who is struggling with the problem I had. I have a template for a VM that I use to create more nodes. I want to be able to control where the new vmdk file gets stored. If you run it with the default options for a vm template called ‘node’ it will store it in a path ‘node_1′. Obviously that’s not what you would want if you are trying to build more than on instance and want your files and directories in the right order.

When you run it with the –dry-run option it shows a number of options but the way to override them is not very obvious. Here’ the output of when you run it with –dry-run

So in order to change the path, note the point number 10. the additional argument needed to be passed would be --vsys 0 --unit 10 --disk . So to boot a new machine called dev-web-01 and create a vmdk with the same name, the following command will do that:

One thought on “Importing ova files into VirtualBox”

  1. Hi Rajat,

    Thanks for posting the solution.

    I had a similar issue with VirtualBox importing a 90GB .ova file into a different path/folder/filesystem altogether other than the default location of /home/VirtualBoxVMs.

    Your post was very helpful in pointing me to the right direction.


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